We Aren’t Just an IT Company…

Many small and mid-size organizations have come to trust us for a second opinion on their technology needs. We offer a 15+ year track record of experience managing, deploying and implementing technology solutions in the Central Pennsylvania area. In fact, many of our technology solutions have come about based on what our clients demand.

We offer expertise to our clients, and NOT canned thinking built around a sales quota or commission.

Technology is not one size fits all. You will find this in the unique blend of tools available on the market to solve the needs of your organization.

Losing a key technology employee can be difficult, but it is all too common in this era of belt tightening. It can can bury a technology group. We can tailor a support solution that helps you stay ahead of the game. Once we’ve helped “put the fires out” we can work with you on goals, strategy, and a game plan to continue to maintain your infrastructure.